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Locherber Catalytic lamp

Locherber Catalytic lamp


Locherber Milano

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Extremely effective smoke removal, pet, cooking, and other.

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Catalytic lamps, also known as aromatic or "perfume" lamps, were originally invented in the 19th century for use in hospitals and sanitary facilities.

They work on the purification method, also known as diffusion by catalytic combustion.
The lamp captures and destroys the bacteria that create odors and at the same time fragrances the air.

- Place the lamp on a stable and level surface.
- Do not place on wooden, lacquered or textile surfaces. When spilled, alcohol may damage the coating.
- Remove the protective (decorative) and extinguishing (dense) cap.
- Put the funnel in the neck of the bottle, then fill the bottle with the liquid of the lamp, but NOT more than 2/3 of the bottle. The air in the empty space is necessary for proper and safe combustion.
- Make sure the lamp is not close to highly flammable materials.
- Insert the wick in the bottle with the extinguishing cap. Let the bottom of the wicket be soaked for 20 minutes. Then remove the extinguishing cap and light the fountain. Allow the flame to burn for 2-3 minutes, then blow. DO NOT put a cap until the flame is active.
- Do not leave the lamp unattended during burning, as you may get a big flame. It is best for the stone base to begin to shine red, but this is not always the case.
- Put the protective (decorative) cap and enjoy the fragrance.
- To stop the lamp, remove the protective cap and place the extinguishing cap on the fountain
- Keep out of children and pets!

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