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ALFAPARF SDL Diamond Extraordinary Fluid

ALFAPARF SDL Diamond Extraordinary Fluid


Multifunctional fluid without rinsing.
Gives instant shine, facilitates combing, protects against UV rays, stores color, gives silky softness & smoothness

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Alfaparf's Semi Di Lino Diamond series is designed for normal to dry hair and works with a revitalizing, protective and shine-giving effect. The products are formulated with a multivitamin complex, a complex for shine, a complex for preserving color, as well as the latest state-of-the-art complex for protection against any environmental aggressors. The series retains the shine and vitality of the hair over time. Tests show +37% more blast.
Diamond therapy offers beautiful hair, preserved in time in 3 easy steps: 1. Washing with shampoo for shine 2. Therapy for shine through mask and balm 3. Multifunctional fluid for multi shine.
SDL Diamond Illuminating fluid is a multifunctional fluid without rinsing with many benefits for your hair.
Effects: instantly gives shine, facilitates combing, protects against UV rays, stores color, stops flowering, has an electrostatic effect, resists moisture, closes the cuticle, gives silky softness and smoothness, facilitates drying
Suitable for: Normal to dry hair
Active ingredients and actions:
Multivitamin Complex - to give energy to hair
Shine Fix Complex - The glitter complex with an extract of flaxseed, rich in fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, closes the hair fibra and provides 24 hours of amazing shine from the root to the top.
Color Fix Complex - The color preservation complex formulated with UV filters and antioxidants to prolong the shine of color. Tests show that even after 9 washes, the tint is saturated and glamorous (up to 91%).
Urban Defense Pro - the latest and most modern biotechnology, multifunctional complex that protects against stress from polluting elements and makes sure day after day hair looks and feels impressive.
The biotechnological ingredient is made up of macromolecular sugars derived from a natural fermentation process (without synthetics!). The action of the macromolecular is filmogenic. Its structure is designed to create an outer shell of the hair with protective and protective action. The shell does not allow contaminants (dusts, heavy metals, harmful free radicals, etc.) to penetrate and damage the inside of the hair. This shield also helps to preserve color (without yellow and matte hues), as well as for softer and stronger hair, full of energy and life.
Formula without sulfates, parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, dyes and allergens.
Method of application: Distribute a small amount of the product along the lengths and tips of the hair and proceed with the styling of the hairstyle. It can be used on damp or dry hair.

VOLUME 125 ml
TYPE No washing
Made in Italy

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