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Dunya Naturals, founded in 2008, is offering a new holistic approach to beauty care. With a passion for the Orient, we work closely with local cooperatives in North-Africa to fairly trade the exceptional local natural beauty products and bring them to the world. 

Dunya Naturals, its a selection of unique 100% organic beauty and personal care products to integrate in your beauty routine. Dunya Naturals' hand-made products will let your inner self shine through the essence of your body, mind and spirit.

Dunya Naturals is a social endeavour that reverses most of its profits to the sustainable development of the local communities through local NGOS and its foundation for girls access to education and women entrepreneurship, The Scheherazade Project.


Socially responsible organisation

In addition, to our women empowerment mission we also believe in equality and the fight against exclusion. At Dunya Naturals, we believe that the work we do every day is a step further towards a world where we are rid of individualism, overconsumption and the exclusive search for profit at any cost.As a supporter and strong believer in social and solidarity economy, Dunya Naturals focuses on its positive impact on the society and communities it touches by being actively involved in local development initiatives. Especially, the ones that are in line with our foundation’s mission to support girls access to education and women entrepreneurship.


Fair trade

As an extension of our belief in promoting a greater fairness amongst the value chain actors, we exclusively work with members of the Fair trade movement. We shift as much value as possible to the producers in developing countries to achieve balance and ensure sustainable and equitable trade relationships for the many years to come.

Ethical labour

Even today, the issue of slavery is still a reality in the world. Our company is committed to eliminate any possibility of trafficking or modern slavery in our supply chain. We carefully select our partners and we thoroughly audit all our suppliers and the cooperatives we work with to avoid being inadvertently part of the problem.


However, for the foreseen future, we only have this planet. Therefore, we don’t believe that meeting the needs of the present should come with compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We have built our vision around the 3 sustainability Ps, profits, planet, and people. And each of our decisions no matter how small it may seem is tested against those pillars. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people.

Supporting charities

More than a successful enterprise, Dunya Naturals is a social endeavour that reverses most of its profits to the sustainable development of the local communities. As a part of our DNA, we thrive to make the world a better place while building a successful and exciting business. Not the other way around. This is why we start from the social impact of our objectives and key results before modelling our business strategy roadmap. We perform most of our social actions through local NGOS, but we also work directly through our foundation for girls access to education and women entrepreneurship, The Scheherazade Project.


Natural products kind on the planet

We at Dunya Naturals, as human beings, respect our blue planet and everything that lives on it. Including ourselves, humans. We aim to provide our clients the best natural personal care products with the least negative effect on nature itself. This is why, all our products are:



 Not tested on animals

★ Contain no chemicals of concern

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Discover our organic bath and body products, a selection of unique items to integrate in your daily routine . 

33,18 €

With the Argan Therapy from Dunya Naturals, recreate the conditions of a professional hair salon therapy from the comfort of your home. With its beneficial effect on hair, the Moroccan "golden" oil leaves your hair smooth, healthy and shiny.

This unique treatment includes an elixir for damaged hair, a shampoo and a hair balm, rich with Argan...

31,65 €

Unique oriental Hammam experience from the comfort of your bathroom. Leave your skin as smooth as silk and with a slight smell of almond, neroli and honey with a combination of Dunya Naturals bath and body products.

30,62 €

A selection of face creams that hydrate your skin during the day and night. Our Shams an-Nahar day cream is the perfect moisturizing agent for any skin type. Contains Argan oil and active ingredients that protect and hydrate the skin throughout the day.

28,07 €

Combination of valuable botanical oils, Dunya provides long-lasting hydration to the skin. Its richness with cedar oil from the Moroccan mountains Atlas gives it the unique power to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and makes it your trusted ally against cellulite. Its smooth and dry texture makes it practical for daily use, while exotic...

20,40 €

Dunya naturals hair elixir is made of a super blend of essential oils for a shinier, bouncier; and healthier hair.  The balanced combination of dry oils provides the hair with essential moisture without weighing it down or making it greasy.


20,40 €

Dunya naturals hair treatment is made of a unique blend of Argan oil and essential oils for a shinier and longer hair.  The balanced combination of essential oils helps against hair fall due to breakage and gives volume and a healthy look for your hair.


19,89 €

Dunya Naturals' Sublime Body Shine tan lotion is enriched with argan oil and carrot oil to accelerate the natural process of the sun tan, while its SPF 15 UVA/UVB wide-spectral protection ensures that your skin is properly protected from burning. Coconut oil gives additional protection and hydration to the skin and reduces the harmful effects of...

17,84 €

Some of us like to quickly get this golden brown tan. However, we do not want to burn or damage our skin. Dunya Naturals' Sublime Body Shine is enriched with argan oil, carrot oil and coconut oil to accelerate the natural process of the sun tan. To ensure protection, we always apply SPF sunscreen 15 minutes or higher 10 minutes before applying...

17,84 €

Qamar al zaman is a nourishing night cream rich in Argan oil, which nourishes and revitalises your skin while you sleep. Its rich formula helps to increase the levels of reparation and hydration of the face at night, when the skin is most receptive. You wake up feeling your face soft, smooth and refreshed.

-Reduces wrinkles
-Smoothes skin...

16,30 €

A selection of face creams to hydrate your skin day and night. 

Shams Al Nahar, our day cream, is the perfect moisturizer for every skin type. The cream contains prickly pear oil and active ingredients that protect and lock in moisture for all-day hydration. 

16,30 €

Mined in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, this volcanic clay is also known as Rhassoul clay. It can be used for oily skin - and hair too.

While by itself it’s pretty gentle, it can also be a powerful exfoliant when mixed with pumice, oatmeal, salt and sugar.

This volcanic clay rich in minerals is negatively charged and can pull out...

15,29 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items