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Locherber Perfume OUDH


Body Perfume OUDH Locherber Milano

Head notes: Violet Leaves
Heart notes: Wood Resin, Coffee, Tobacco
Base notes:  Oud, Sandalwood, Patchouly, Agarwood, Amber


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Body Perfume OUDH, Flacon en verre noir mat peint à la main.

Agarwood, also known as OUD, is the resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees (evergreens native to south-east Asia) when they are infected with a particular type of mould. Because of this the tree produces a dense, dark, aromatic resin which is embedded in the heartwood. The resin absorbed by the wood is valued in various cultures for its typical fragrance, and is used to produce incense and perfumes. One of the main reasons for the rarity and elevated cost of Agarwood is the depletion of natural resources used in the production of OUD.

VOLUME 50 ml
Group Perfume

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